Anonymous Launches OnionIRC, Specifically for “Training the Next Generation of Hackers”

Anonymous members on the deep web have launched a new chat service specifically “to teach the next generation of hacktivists.” What sets this chat apart from others is that unlike AnonOps IRC, the chat will not be used to plan or conduct missions. Unlike services offered by AnonHQ, 4Chan or Reddit, it will not be used for general conversation and information sharing.

As stated in the video below, in response to the efforts of government around the world to censor the movement, the chat hopes “to arm the current generation of internet activists with education.” Their plan is to provide virtual classrooms where teachers can give instruction on a variety or subjects including security culture; hacking & technical tutorials; history; and how to properly utilize encryption & anonymity software.


How To Access OnionIRC

A step-by-step tutorial on how to connect to the OnionIRC using your Tor Browser and the HexChat IRC client can be found below:

Step 1:DownloadTor BrowserandHexChat. You can download them from Softpedia mirrors, or from their homepages.

Step 2:Open HexChat and clickADD. A screenshot of the appropriate settings is available below.

HexChat login settings

In theLogin Methodsection, you can leave those fields blank for the first visit. After you connect to the IRC for the first time, make sure to register an identity.

The rest of the information you need to keep in mind, is the OnionIRC URL and port, which are:onionirchubx5363.onion/6667

Step 3:Open the Tor Browser, and keep it open for the time you are on the OnionIRC. In HexChat’sSettingsoption, go toNetwork, and then toNetwork Setup.

Here you’ll set up a proxy server with the details from the image below. Keep in mind that, every time you close the Tor Browser, these settings will be wiped, and you’ll have to apply them all over again. That’s it, you’re done. Connect to the OnionIRC.

HexChat proxy settings

You can follow the movements, find new class schedules and download content previously covered on the Anonymous OnionIRC Twitter page:

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